Studio Mitja Miklavčič

Lucky Magazine

Typeface for a fashion magazine

inspired from the Photo-Lettering treasury

In 2011 our colleagues at House Industries got an invitation from the design studio Partners & Spade to create a bespoke typeface for the redesign of Lucky Magazine. The deadline was extremely short so we got invited to lend a hand. The typeface was roughly based on one of the designs from the Photo-Lettering collection. After the initial digitalisation the typeface was adapted to suit magazine's editorial conditions.

Lucky is a magazine about style and shopping, particularly focused on the topics of what to wear and hot to wear it. Already since its release in 2000 Lucky's been very successful; its circulation went from 500 000 to over 1.1 million. Lucky is published by Condè Nast, one of the biggest magazine publishers in US [among others their publications include Vogue, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Wired etc.]. Lucky also runs a website with a similar content.